Close Protection Services

Kestrel Security Ltd provides close protection services specifically tailored to meet a clients' needs. All of our CPOs are experienced in executive protection and hold Security Industry Authority licenses confirming they are trained, qualified and authorised to lawfully undertake this role. They are committed and carefully vetted individuals possessing all the skills and experience required to provide a level of personal security that ensures clients remain safe at all times.

Male and female CPOs work individually or as part of a team experienced in multiple case scenarios to protect high profile clients. All are highly trained in surveillance and counter surveillance as well as defensive driving techniques and first aid. Additionally many have experience in hostile environments and can also speak a number of foreign languages.

The specific responsibilities fulfilled by our CPOs vary from case to case. Some duties commonly performed by close protection services are:

  • The development of travel plans
  • Entrance and exit strategies to avoid unwanted disruptions
  • Risk assessments in public settings where attacks are a significant risk
  • Preventing detainment or disruption from fans, press and other interlopers
  • Providing protection for family members
  • Transportation of important or valuable goods