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Management Team

Kestrel Security Ltd - Key People.

CEO - Director of Operations

SIA : 0130 0125 3756 XXXX
Age : 32 Years
Experience : 9 Years

Katrina Riley

As Director of operations for Kestrel Security Ltd it is Katrina who is responsible for its smooth day to day running and is on hand to deal with any issues as and when they happen.

Having quite an extensive background within the security industry there are very few things Katrina hasn't seen or done.

From working the doors in the city bars to managing other security firms, her vast knowledge, cool headed ness and quick thinking has surely helped Kestrel security Ltd to be one of the Best Security Service providers in the bridlington and Scarborough region

CEO - Director of Marketing

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SIA : 0130 0132 3177 XXXX
Age : 31 Years
Experience : 7 Years

Steven Andrews

Steven served in the British Army for 7 years, completing several tours abroad including Iraq in 2003.

Upon leaving he successfully secured a position as a fire-fighter with Humberside fire and rescue service and is still currently serving and is based at bridlington Fire station.

Steven decided to co-direct kestrel security Ltd after working for several other security companies as a Security Officer and hopes to continue providing a reliable and professional service as a director as he did as an employee.

Steven strives to make kestrel Security Ltd one of the leading providers of security services in the Bridlington and Scarborough region.