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Lock and Unlock Services

Your never alone with Kestrel Security Ltd.

If you've got a number of premises, or if your business operates long and unsociable hours, then we can take away the worry and the burden of securing and opening your premises by doing it for you. A Security Officer arrives shortly before the end of your day, whenever that may be.

Ensuring the last member of staff has left, he then carries out a full patrol making sure all doors and windows are closed and that all non-essential equipment is turned off. He then locks up and leaves, setting the alarm if necessary a member of our Security Team will visit your premises, complete a full investigational patrol to check the sites integrity, setting Intruder alarm systems and securing the premises for the duration.

This service allows the customer peace of mind that the premises has been secured or opened when no other customer responsible persons are available to complete the routine. Based on an initial inspection we prepare detailed 'service delivery' procedures to allow us and our customers to determine the operation of the security service. Accurate data on each visit can be provided confirming the attendance of the members of our security to the premises. 

Locking Up:

  • At a predetermined time, the Guard will arrive at your premises and firstly, carry out an external patrol of any yard or adjoining compounds, to ensure that the area is clear of all personnel.
  • The building would then be patrolled internally to ensure that all windows and external doors are secure.
  • All internal rooms/offices etc are clear of personnel and, unnecessary electrical equipment is switched off, i.e. cooling fans etc.
  • Finally, the intruder alarm system is set and the premises secured.

  • Unlocking:

  • Again, at a predetermined time, the Guard will attend site and carry out an external patrol - checking for signs of forced entry.
  • The premises would then be entered and the alarm unset.
  • All rooms are patrolled and at client's request, heating systems etc switched on.

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